Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prudential Sunrise - TV spot

In May, I was enlisted to shoot a couple shots for a commercial that felt pretty special.  The concept was to have several skeleton crews, each with their own DP, align across the country and capture the same sunrise, on the same morning, as it moves from the East coast to the West.  Because of my Iowa cred, I was assigned to Davenport, IA, which was a real treat.  Davenport is where my mother lives and it is across the Mississippi River from my home town of Moline, IL.  The longer I am away from the midwest, the more beautiful the place becomes to my eyes.  The midwest offers a truly unique and picturesque landscape.  On location, each camera fed  an HD video signal via HDMI into a device called a Taradek.  The Taradek beamed the video signal to a local wireless hot-spot that was set up by our Taradek tech,  The Director in New York City was able to watch each camera's feed from across the country in real time over the internet; Directing each crew as the sun rose in each respective time zone.

The spot is airing now and seems to be viewable on youtube.  Click the link below and check it out.  Try and spot the Iowa farmer driving the truck.

Watch the video at youtube:

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