Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monsters Inside Me Season 6

I am excited to announce that the latest season of Monsters Inside Me is currently airing on Animal Planet. This is my third season now as DP on the recreations for this show, and the look of the show has always been dark, but this time around I was pushed to take that darkness to a new level and I couldn't have been more excited at that challenge. Every time I thought I was gong too dark, I was told it was not dark enough, which could not have pleased me more.  To achieve this look I worked with my lighting team to devise a lighting strategy that would maintain a cohesive feel while tackling each distinct location a little differently. The general scheme was often a single hard light source coming from directly behind and above the subject. Depending on the tone of the walls and the size of the room we would let the light bounce back from the opposing wall on the camera side, but most often we would place negative fill on all surfaces and tightly control the spill to keep the camera side very dark. Our camera setup was a Canon C300 EF with the incredible new Canon 17-120 Cine Servo zoom lens. Using this lens with a Teradeck Bolt wireless video system and a wireless follow focus allowed us to move very quickly and cover a lot of material very efficiently. The camera department was small so eliminating BNC cable runs and lens changes freed up my first AC. Below area  few of my favorite frames taken directly from the C300 footage. You can see more at the Flickr link below.

CLICK HERE to go to the Flickr gallery.

Tune in to Animal Planet Thursdays for Monsters Inside Me Season 6.