Friday, March 30, 2012

The Badlands

In March I spent two weeks shooting for a new doc project in and around the Pine Ridge reservation.  I cant say much about the details of the project at this point but I wanted to share some stills from the field.  This was my first extensive, verité shoot with my Sony F-3 rig.  I recorded 10 bit, Pro-Res 422 HQ (220mb/sec) to the AJA-Ki Pro Mini via the 1.5Ghz HD-SDI from the camera.  My main lens's were a Nikkor 17-55 f2.8, Tokina 28-80 f2.8, and Nikkor 80-200 ED f2.8, swapping the supplied Sony PL mount for the MTF Nikon-F mount.   I also carried a full set of Nikkor manuel focus Ai-s prime lens's.    Overall, I was extremely pleased with the images that I saw at the end of each day.  I utilized the Abel Cine "AB Range" picture profile for everything, underexposing the mids when necessary to keep the highlights from clipping.  The Range profile substantially opens up the shadow areas giving me a flat image with detail everywhere.