Sunday, July 22, 2012

an afternoon with Martin

A few frames from my afternoon filming an interview with Martin Scorsese, Saturday at the DGA theatre.  This was  a really funky camera rig, the production called for the camera to be oriented in a "vertical" position, wich is common in still photography but almost never done with a movie camera, ever.  I was lucky enough to have a great AC, Arlen Cooke on set, who sourced a variable tilt mechanism from TCS.  This was a beautiful hand made, gear driven device made from forged steal, that would facilitate tilting the camera (Sony F-3) to a 90 degree angle.  With the added wight of the tilt machine, and the camera being cantilevered on its side, we also had to rent a Sachtler 150 head.  It worked perfectly, and needless to say, it was a real treat to get to be in the company of Mr. Scorsese even if for only a half an hour.  Cant say much more about the project for which this interview will be a part of but stay tuned.